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Some People Make Excuses For Kids

One thing that Guild Leaders and members should realize is that a Guild is not a Service. This is something that I come back to over and over and do, in fact, have posted in my rules. Rules are nice to have in writing since you can just point to it if someone keeps trying to argue with you. You don't have to be mean about it. Just say "begging is against the rules. Please go read it." Also, make sure that when people DO ask for things that you are willing and able to provide, they do so with respect and patience. "I need somebody to run me thru SM now. I have to log off in half an hour." isn't very nice. "I'd really love some help with an SM run sometime soon if anyone has some free time, I'd really appreciate it. If not, it's cool," is much nicer. And if people can't help, they should learn to take that with grace as well. After all, it's not owed to them. If they are given the run-thru, it's a favour. 
 Some people make excuses for kids. While this might seem like a kindness, your other guildies did not sign up for a babysitting job. The child can be sent to the various resources. If they can't understand simple rules, they may not be old enough or mature enough to play WoW on their own. They should maybe guild with their parents - who should be the one to look after the child and help set limitations (including kicking the child off of the game if he or she becomes a nuisance to the rest of the guild). 
 If it's not a child, then you really shouldn't put up with it. I agree with Lisa on this. Helping people with these kinds of personalities will reward you with. .more requests, more demands, and erosion of fun and peace for you and your guild members. 
 Please remember that this sort of thing can drive people from the guild, or can cause people do not want to log on to the Flash Games. By humouring one annoying player, you may drive out many good ones. 
 Also, keep in mind a few things if these people are new players. If people constantly give them things (answers for every little question, even if YOU have to look it up, dungeon runs, gold,) they will not learn how to play and become resourceful. Also, this can affect their gameplay later, as their attitude becomes "If I can't (or don't want to) do this, some max-level person will help me." I actually very much dislike giving dungeon runs to new players for this reason.